Affiliate Organisations


Team Melbourne evolved from a gathering of Melbourne’s queer sporting clubs in December 2004 to begin planning for involvement in the international queer sporting meets in 2006 (the Chicago Gay Games and Montreal Outgames).  Originally called “Queer Sports Alliance Melbourne” (QSAM), the name was changed early in 2012 to be inline with other city-based groups and be more recognisable.

Team Sydney upholds the need for sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles within our diverse community. They encourage and promomotes sporting activities primarily in Sydney but also in the wider community and, when appropriate, coordinates events associated with this ideal. Team Sydney furthers the well-being of sports organisations and individual participants and uses its influence and affiliations for the benefit of the community.


Team Perth is the newest hub for connecting queer sporting and hobby groups. This website offers the ability to connect different groups in and around Western Australia together, and also be a means for helping represent Perth and WA at national and international events.

Team Brisbane Sports is a non-for-profit sporting community based in Brisbane, Australia.  It’s focus is to promote inclusiveness, acceptance and healthy lifestyles through sport, recreation and fitness activities within the LGBTIQ+.


Founded in 2017, Team Rainbow promotes tourism, business, sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles among Rainbow Beach’s diverse community.  We help connect and promote member organisations. Team Rainbow is a member of the Federation of Gay Games.